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Marci in the kitchen

Hello and welcome.

You’ve arrived at the place for recipes and discussions about food for making your world a healthier place.

I’m Marci Cornett, here I write about how food can make us sick or make us well…but not just well, food can transform our bodies through a process of healing. I also write about the issues tied up in our food system since you can’t have a conversation about healing foods without considering the ethics of food production. As luck would have it, the foods most loved by our bodies are also the ones which are gentle on the earth. Funny how that works.

Most of my recipes are plant-based, that’s the way I like to cook and eat. But as someone with great reverence for traditional foods, don’t be surprised if a sustainably-produced form of animal protein sneaks its way onto the site.

How to cook healthy meals

It will always be healthier to eat something homemade rather than something manufactured by a corporation, so expect lots of recipes. I’ll post elaborate recipes meant to impress alongside recipes for simpler meals…no one wants to spend hours in the kitchen every single day. By following the recipes you’ll not only improve your health, but also your kitchen skills and your ability to plan and create balanced menus.

How to choose healthy ingredients

Ever wondered what to look for on an olive oil label to make sure you’re getting the highest quality? Or which types of salt can improve health? Does coconut oil deserve all the praise it garners? This is the information you need to know before filling your grocery list.

The journey of food from earth to plate

Being aware of this journey is the only way to recognize healing ingredients. The discussions of food origins on this site are meant to cultivate an understanding of and respect for all the ecosystems involved in the food chain including land, laborers, and animals. With this knowledge you’ll be able to avoid the foods which do the most harm, both to the environment and to human health, while choosing foods which nourish and enrich.

Critical analyses of mainstream food and nutrition knowledge

Here’s a big secret: using food to gain and/or maintain health is not as tricky as the food industry would have us believe. It should be no surprise by now that things aren’t always as they’re advertised. In the interest of industry, many foods have been falsely marketed to us as healthy. The information I offer imbibes a delicious and healing alternative to what’s advertised, one that starts in your home.

About Me

A few years ago I attended the Natural Gourmet Institute in New York City to become a trained chef in health-supportive cuisine. This means I’ve been taught to cook beautiful food that nurtures and heals the body (and the soul, I must add). After graduating, I improved my technique and skill by working in a few professional kitchens, including the renowned vegetarian restaurant, Cafe Paradiso, in Cork City, Ireland.  I continue to research and learn all I can about the impact that food has on the human body and the environment. Turns out it’s a major one. Currently I work with clients to customize menu plans and cooking lessons to suit their health needs.

Recent Posts

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Do you know how good bacteria in the gut influences weight management, long-term health, and resistance to disease? If not, I highly recommend you read, “The Good Gut”. I’m convinced the book’s information helped me increase the healthy microbes in my digestive system.

Dutch Ovens: Everything You Need to Know

Until I read about Dutch ovens, I had no idea that they could do so much. I share that information here along with a collection of Dutch oven recipes to help you make the most of yours.

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