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After the 5 Days Without Grains

A few notes for the days following your 5 Days Without Grains and transitioning back to a diet that includes whole grains.

July 24, 2014

After abstaining from grains for a few days, it’s best to gradually reintroduce them into your diet. The same goes for returning to any food group you’ve eliminated from your diet for any period of time. During the first day after your diet without grains, have one to two reasonable servings of grain-based dishes and keep it at that. Remember, your digestive system has become used to functioning without this food group. Going back full force with heavy grains for numerous meals all at once risks stressing your digestive system and undoing all the good things you just accomplished over the past 5 days. So take the transition slow from a diet without grains to one that is balanced with whole grains.

Coming up in the next few days: a guide to basically everything you’d want to know about whole grains, including a section about identifying and cooking the various types.

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