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5 Days Without Grains, Day 5

Final day (for now) of grain-free eating. A variation on day 4’s peach crumble and an easy dinner after a day at the lake.

July 23, 2014

We’ve made it! Are you feeling lighter? Five days avoiding grains in order to reset our digestive systems, shed a bit of bulge and acquire more energy. If you’re really intent on improving your health in any of those areas, challenge yourself to another week or two without grains. Or establish Monday through Friday as grain-free for the next few weeks, and enjoy your whole grain dishes on the weekend. As I said before, summertime is a great season to do this since our bodies aren’t in need of the grounding warmth grains provide. Look here for the recipes from:

And now, Day 5:

5 Days Without Grains, Day 5 (2)

Breakfast: Same as yesterday, another delicious peach crumble with coconut milk. Today I made a batch with blackberries and ground cardamom blended into the filling…this is just the beginning.

5 Days Without Grains, Day 5 (3)

Lunch: I joined my parents for a trip to the Kentucky Lake area. It was bizarrely cool for July in Kentucky but perfect weather for picnicking. I packed a mushroom lentil burger from the night before to eat with salad leaves, hummus and raw vegetables to dip.

5 Days Without Grains, Day 5 (4)

Dinner: Since we were back a little late, dinner was simple and relaxed. That grilled cabbage from the night before? Chopped the leftovers into a coleslaw. This was dressed with the following

Creamy Tahini Turmeric Dressing

  • 1/4 cup Tahini
  • Squeeze or 2 of Lemon Juice, to taste
  • 1 Tbp Extra-Virgin Olive Oil ½ tsp Turmeric
  • 1 tsp raw Honey
  • Generous pinch Sea Salt
  • Black Pepper, to taste
  • 1/4 cup Water

Whisk all the ingredients together in a bowl. Taste and adjust seasoning.

This was accompanied by baked cubes of Day 3’s chickpea panelle which cooked on the same tray as my roasted radishes and Jerusalem artichokes (or sunchokes). I realize the former may not be the easiest to come by. I grabbed them up when I spotted a bag in Fresh Market. Now, while the taste and texture will be completely different, you could roast globe artichokes instead (the canned ones work well) or choose a different vegetable altogether.

Roasted Jerusalem Artichokes and Radishes

  • Jerusalem Artichokes, halved
  • Radishes, I usually quarter them
  • Tiny bit of unrefined Coconut Oil, melted
  • Sprinkle Sea Salt

1. Preheat the oven to 375F.

2. The technique is exactly the same, except it’s best to add the radishes to the tray about 15 minutes after the Jerusalem artichokes as they cook faster. Coat the veg in oil and a salt. Arrange on a tray, leaving them plenty of space so they don’t touch each other. Roast the Jerusalem artichokes 30-40 minutes and the radishes 15-20. Stir throughout the cooking time.

Because my parents were involved with dinner prep, and because we had a CSA bag full of veg that needed to be cooked, there was a healthy serving of grilled eggplant, squash, peppers and potatoes as well.

And that concludes my notes and recipes from 5 days of grain-free, plant-based eating. Nice work, everyone.

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