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Quiz: Which Gourmet Food Should You Try in 2018?

A bit of fun with the equivalent of a personality quiz in gourmet food form. So which artisanal food product is calling your name in this New Year?

January 22, 2018

Kitchen shelves filled with bottles and jars of food items

Ever get bored of tasting the same flavors or turning to the same condiments over and over? I do. For a long time the food-form of my best friend was Lebanese tahini. Tahini, I still love you, like when I make Salted Tahini-Date Fudge¬†or Ottolenghi’s hummus, or a quick and creamy salad dressing. But I no longer need you slathered or drizzled on everything. I’m ready to experience something new. The problem is, it’s rarely obvious what my next food obsession will be and the time I spend searching could be time spent tasting. In an ideal world, there would be a quiz like this one to take every time I slump into flavor boredom and want something new.

Each outcome is a small batch, lovingly-crafted food product, mostly from family-owned businesses, well worth getting to know. I’d love to hear in the comments which food you were paired with. And also, what’s your current flavor or food product obsession? I’m looking for inspiration.

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