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Recipe: Coconut Milk Ice Cream

This ice cream is vegan, free of refined sugar,  totally fantastic and easy. Same goes for the peach cobbler it’s sitting atop; that recipe is coming soon. Vegan ice creams have the tendency to crystallize without the use of thickeners and lecithins. If you don’t like playing with weird ingredients in the pursuit of delicious […]

Recipe: Beet, Lentil and Millet Burgers

Here is a recipe for some hearth-healthy vegan food. Beets are also great for cleansing and enriching our blood cells. This is a recipe for a long afternoon. It requires numerous steps (all simple), ingredients, and cooking vessels, but it rewards you with great flavor and a large number of burgers which can be frozen. […]

Consider Dairy.

Conventional nutrition studies and heavy marketing by the Dairy Council would have us believe that dairy, specifically cow’s milk, is a wholesome food vital to human health. Unfortunately the truth is much cloudier than that. Casein, a protein in cow’s milk, has been shown to be greatly effective in triggering cancerous genes. These are genes […]

Concerning Michael Pollan

This is an essay about what it’s like to be in the presence of Michael Pollan. I’m no expert, but it has happened to me twice now…I first “met” Michael Pollan the summer before last while working in a restaurant kitchen on Martha’s Vineyard. Quite a few celebrities and notables dined there, but news of Michael […]

Ingredient: Virgin Coconut Oil

Do you use virgin coconut oil? It’s quite the workhorse in terms of culinary and nutritional value. As a saturated fat it’s solid at room temperature but melts when heated. This means it’s a very stable fat which can be heated to high temperatures without forming free radicals. It’s a great vegan choice for sautéing, […]

Recipe: Chia Seed Pudding

I don’t cook with chia seeds because they’re a “superfood” per se, but because they have this amazing ability to thicken liquid into a creamy consistency. Of course, their high Omega 3 fatty acid, fiber, and protein content and the way they hydrate the body are no small matters in my book. Do you know […]

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