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Recipe: Bourbon Apple Stack Cake

A rich, dark, delicious recipe for Bourbon Apple Stack Cake made with plant-based, minimally-refined ingredients.

May 1, 2015

I’m delighted to have another recipe up on Cake&Whiskey Magazine’s blog, Sip&Slice. This one is for Bourbon Apple Stack Cake, a staple dessert of the south. And with so many eyes on the south this weekend for the Kentucky Derby, this may be the perfect time to bake and serve this cake.

Get the recipe: Bourbon Apple Stack Cake.

I can’t think of this recipe without thinking of my grandma in her kitchen. My version is quite different from hers, using minimally-refined ingredients like spelt flour, coconut sugar and dried Medjool dates, and it’s entirely vegan. One of the best things about this cake is it gets tastier as it ages. Head on over to Sip&Slice and read all about it.

P.S. You’ll notice the cake photographed on S&S looks quite different from the one above. That’s because it belongs to the super-talented and inspiring pastry chef, Stella Parks, at BraveTart. If you want a cake stacked as high as hers, double my cake recipe and cut each layer in half or even thirds with a serrated knife.

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