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Recipe: Almond Milk

A recipe for making your own almond milk and avoiding the scary food additive, carrageenan.

5 Days Without Grains, Day 3

Over halfway there! If you’re ever stuck for plant-based (and grain-free) entertaining ideas, I’ve got just the meal for you.

5 Days Without Grains, Day 2

Recipes from the second day of a grain-free diet. Plus the world’s easiest and tastiest tomato sauce.

Recipe: Vegan Frittata and Shiitake Bacon

Let’s have some fun with chickpea flour! Who knew blending it with tofu opens up the world of egg-like dishes to plant-protein-only eaters? Then, prepare to be amazed by the wonder that is vegan shiitake bacon. Do I even have to tell you this entire meal is cholesterol-free?

Recipe: Chia Date Bars

Your own homemade fiber-rich energy bar. Vegan, raw, easy to make and delicious. Never buy a packaged one again!

The Homemade Wellness Guide to Better Digestion

Indigestion is more serious than you might think. It deprives the body of nourishment, weakening it and inviting disease. Thankfully, there are plenty of homemade ways to work toward and enjoy optimal digestion.

Recipe: Peach Cobbler

So your coconut milk ice cream doesn't get lonely, here's a peach cobbler to give it company. Like the ice cream, this recipe is vegan, free of refined sugar and highly-processed flour.  Perfect for summer and any cobbler lover in your life, which happens to be my...

On Cooking

This is me back in 2011 plating then enjoying (after all the guests had finished) my group’s Friday Night Dinner at the Natural Gourmet Institute. This dinner is the culinary school equivalent to a final exam. Ours was in May so we themed our menu “Springtime in...

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