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Recipe: Buckwheat Granola

A healthy fruit-sweetened buckwheat granola with the perfect amount of crunch and sweetness.

Recipe: Quick Miso Soup

Nourishing, comforting, healthy, convenient, delicious…a few reasons why miso deserves a place in your kitchen. We’ll talk a bit about what it is, why it’s so good for us, and how to make the quickest miso soup.

The Homemade Wellness Guide to Whole Grains

Ever been daunted by the row of different whole grains at the health food shop? Yeah, me too. Read on to find out (nearly) all you need to know about whole grains: what they are and what to do with them, and be intimidated no more!

After the 5 Days Without Grains

A few notes for the days following your 5 Days Without Grains and transitioning back to a diet that includes whole grains.

5 Days Without Grains, Day 5

Final day (for now) of grain-free eating. A variation on day 4’s peach crumble and an easy dinner after a day at the lake.

5 Days Without Grains, Day 4

Hopefully going grain-free for a few days seems pretty easy to you by now. We’ll keep discussing ways to make it so. Plus a simple but surprisingly delicious Raw and Vegan Peach Crumble.

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