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12 Ways to eat Cacao Beans

There’s a lot to love about cacao beans and a lot of ways to incorporate them into your cooking.

November 4, 2014

Chocolatey, complex, pleasantly bitter, rich in antioxidants–just some of the appealing characteristics of cacao beans. Here are 12, some sweet and some savory, ways to get them into your food.

Check out my earlier post about cacao beans if you’d like to know more about what they are and how eating them can benefit the rainforests.

1. Eat them as they are, just pop them into your mouth like you would raw almonds.

12 Ways to eat Cacao Beans (2) 2. No-recipe energy snacks

3. Raw Cacao Date and Walnut Bars: For this recipe you can either buy raw cacao powder or make your own out of whole beans in a coffee grinder.

4. Raw Double Layer Chocolate Fudge

5. Chop and add to your favorite granola recipe.

6. Make a trail mix out of chopped cacao beans, raw cashews, goji berries and flaked coconut.

12 Ways to eat Cacao Beans (3)7. Salted Tahini-Date Fudge

8. Add to salads, just like you would any raw or toasted nut.

9. Grind in a coffee grinder and add around 1 Tbsp to your favorite plant- or meat-based chili recipe.

12 Ways to eat Cacao Beans (4)

10. Mix into your favorite ice cream recipe.

11. Cacao Nib and Fennel Crusted Pork: To make this recipe a bit healthier, purchase locally- and humanely-raised pork, replace the brown sugar with fair-trade coconut sugar and use unrefined rapeseed oil in place of the canola oil.

12. Vegan and Grain-free Cacao nib cookies



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